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How To Cancel Challenge Body Mind Subscription?

In the current digital landscape, online fitness coaching has seen a significant rise. There are a multitude of courses available, covering aspects such as diet planning, regular exercise routines, meditation sessions, and stress and anxiety management. However, not all these offerings are genuine, and individuals often fall victim to subscription-based scams like Challenge Body Mind Subscription.

Challenge Body Mind was once a subscription-operated platform providing meditation-oriented courses aimed at promoting practices of health improvement, stress relief, diet planning, nutritional enhancements, among other benefits. Yet doubts have been raised about the legitimacy of Challenge Body Mind.

If you’re among those who’ve had an unfortunate experience with this website and are trying to cancel your Challenge Body Mind Subscription, we are here to assist you. Here are some helpful guidelines for a trouble-free Challenge Body Mind Subscription cancellation process.

Challenge Body Mind Reviews


At first glance, the Challenge Body Mind website might appear entirely credible due to its professionally designed web page. It’s unlikely to give you a sense of any deceptive activity at play. The portal facilitates a direct and trouble-free process to log in and subscribe to their roster of daily fitness exercises.

However, caution cannot be thrown to the wind when interacting online, and it’s important to critically assess such platforms. Due diligence is advisable, since appearances can be deceptive, and it’s important not to be swayed solely by a professional-looking website. Subscribing to a service demands more in-depth research and reviews from actual users.

Remember, a scam isn’t easily discernible at face value, which is why user reviews and testimonials, even for health and fitness-related services like Challenge Body Mind, carry great value. It’s important to spend ample time investigating the legitimacy of such services, even if they seem ethical at a first glance. One needs to ensure their fitness journey is not only health-oriented but also safe and secure.

What is Challenge Body Mind charge?

If you’re curious about the cost of a Challenge Body Mind Subscription, their monthly subscription plans begin at a rate of $12.49. Alternatively, they offer the flexibility of daily sessions priced at a dollar per day.

How Can You Cancel Challenge Body Mind Subscription?

There are several avenues available to facilitate the cancellation of your Challenge Body Mind subscription. This can be achieved through phone communication, email correspondence, or via a live chat. Find below the detailed directions to guide you:

Cancel Challenge Body Mind Via Call

To cancel your subscription over the phone, you can connect with Challenge Body Mind customer service by dialing their contact number (855) 460-4451. You may then relay your cancellation request to the concerned executive.

If you are unable to reach them through this medium, or if your call isn’t picked up – a common concern expressed by many users, there is no need for alarm. We have alternate solutions for this.

Also, refer to the guide on ‘How To Cancel Astroline Subscription? Easy Steps!’

Cancel Challenge Body Mind Via Email

Alternatively, you could draft an email detailing your request for subscription cancellation and send it to Challenge Body Mind’s official email address:

If your email doesn’t elicit a response, consult the subsequent steps for one final attempt at cancellation.

Get in touch With Challenge Body Mind Team Through Live Chat

To initiate a live chat with the Challenge Body Mind team, begin by accessing the Challenge Body Mind Contact Page. Here you will encounter a prompt titled “Get in Touch Today.” Proceed to fill in necessary details such as your name, contact number, email, and the specifics of your enquiry or message, then click ‘submit’.

Upon receiving your message, the Challenge Body Mind team will reach out to you. Keep in mind that resolving your query may take some time, so patience is key.

Wrap Up

We sincerely hope the methods provided above will guide you smoothly through the process of cancelling your Challenge Body Mind subscription. As a precautionary measure, it’s advisable to avoid subscribing to unverified platforms and providing them with your card details unless their legitimacy is firmly established. Always be sure before you proceed.

Seeking Refunds After Cancellation

After you have successfully canceled your Challenge Body Mind Subscription, it would be wise to look into possible refunds of pre-paid amounts or erroneously charged fees. To inquire about potential refunds, contact the Challenge Body Mind Team either via email or live chat support. Don’t forget to provide specific details about your subscription and the charges for which you seek a refund to facilitate a smooth and quick process.

Reporting Issues and Unresolved Queries

If your cancellation process encounters obstacles, or if you have unresolved queries even after reaching out to the Challenge Body Mind Team, it might be beneficial to contact your bank or financial institution. You can report any unauthorized charges or explain your issue to them. They may be able to provide some assistance or guide you on the next steps to take.

Finding A Suitable Alternative

Once you’ve cancelled your subscription with Challenge Body Mind, you might want to consider looking for a more reputable alternative to continue your fitness journey. There are numerous legitimate, reliable, and customer-friendly fitness subscriptions available online. Remember to always research thoroughly, read reviews, and verify the certification or authorization of the platform before subscribing. This approach will ensure your fitness journey stays on a trustworthy and beneficial path.

Preventive Measures for Future Subscriptions

As you consider subscribing to new platforms in the future, remember the lessons learned from this experience. Always scrutinize the terms and conditions, understand the charging mechanisms, and keep track of your payments and service utilization. Regularly reviewing your bank statements will also help you catch any erroneous or fraudulent charges early. These precautionary measures will prevent similar issues in the future and ensure that your online dealings are secure and beneficial.

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